Hungry man's fury at Sainsbury's sly attempt to mask mini pizza's lack of cheese

A man has shared his anger after he claims Sainsbury’s tried to hide a missing ingredient on their mini pizzas.

Tom Scott, a product designer, bought a Sainsbury’s cheese and tomato pizza and was shocked to find that the treat was almost devoid of a vital ingredient.

The hungry man thinks the large frontal sticker on the product’s packaging was slyly placed to cover the inadequacies.

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Taking to Twitter, Tom wrote alongside a laughing emoji: “Hey @sainsburys any less cheese and this might be tomato bread, good to see excellent sticker placement.”

A customer representative called Caitlin was on hand to try and help, apologizing for the lack of cheese, Daily Star reports.

“Hey Tom! I’m very sorry there was a lack of cheese. Can you please DM us from the link below with the name of the store they were purchased from, your full name, address and Nectar card number? So that I can look into this, Caitlin.”

The pizza Tom bought is only 49 pence, but you still expect to get the main ingredients even for that lowly price.

“We are happy to replace this item if it is not satisfactory,” Sainsbury’s say on their website. The Daily Star has contacted them for comment.

Taxi driver Colin McKenzie’s lunchtime meal was also ruined after he found that one vital ingredient in his Tesco’s own brand smoked ham and cheddar meal deal sandwich was missing.

He took to Twitter to vent his frustration that his Tesco smoked ham and cheddar sandwich was actually just a smoked ham sandwich as it was lacking in cheese.

He wrote, on social media; “Hey @Tesco, where’s the cheddar?”

His cheesed-off tweet ended with a crying face emoji.

Tesco did reply to the customer online, writing: “I’m really sorry this has happened.

“Can you please DM us your full name, address & email along with pics of the packaging.

“The bar code, date code and the supplier code (this is on the rear usually after the address) and a picture of the receipt please.”

But as one user questioned what he was supposed to do if he no longer had the receipt – a question the supermarket has yet to answer.

According to Tesco’s own website, the sandwich is supposed to comprise of slices of Beechwood smoked ham with mature cheddar and mayonnaise, and is made using a mixture of British and EU pork.

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