Hungry wolf snatches family’s pet dog in town under siege from wild pack of predators

Another dog – a pug – was also being eaten by a wolf in the same town when reports surfaced of a pack of predators allegedly pursuing a school.

Russia: CCTV captures the wolf family’s dog

This is the moment when a hungry wolf snatches a family dog ​​in a remote city besieged by wild predators.

The beast hunted the miniature mongrel Bonya before it ran away across the snow with the animal in its teeth – but the parents are afraid for their children.

Another dog – a pug – was also being eaten by a wolf in the same city, Olenegorsk, Russia, when reports surfaced of a pack of predators chasing a school.

Local officials have ordered hunters to kill a pack of wolves that is keeping the arctic community under siege.

Yulia Mekhnina, 35, mother of two, asked local mayor Oleg Samarsky: “Our dog was killed by a wolf.

Bonya was loved by all of the neighbors

Bonya (pictured with her owner Yulia Mekhnina and Yulia’s son) was killed by a wolf in Olenegorsk, Russia

“It also killed a pug today … We found the remains of our dog about 50 meters (165ft) from the train tracks in the park.

“What if those were kids? What do we have to do now? “

Video footage recorded in the neighborhood shows the moment when a hungry wolf grabs the tiny pooch before the pack moves on to its next victim.

Locals say the wolf hunts in town

Another local woman, Lesya Gennadyeva, wrote, “What a nightmare.

“The wolf actually hunted in the city, something urgently needs to be done.

“There is a kindergarten there. God forbid what if this was a child between the teeth.

“I’m afraid to imagine that.”

Yulia’s husband Dmitry told how he followed wolf tracks in the snow and realized that it was not a lonely attacker.

The wolf can be seen in the residential area

“My wife said she heard Bonya howl – the wolf must have broken her neck.

“In the video you can see the wolf that carries my dog, already dead.

“That’s the only consolation – she hasn’t suffered for too long.”

He said, “There were two wolves, one caught my dog ​​and the other tried to catch it.

“I found Bonya’s remains. There was no head and no paws, just her torso and ribs.

“Apparently they didn’t finish eating them. I went home to get a box to collect Bonya’s remains to bury, but when I got back 15-20 minutes later they were gone.

“You must have eaten her. Bonya was a mix of Pekingese and a pedigree dog.

Bonya did not survive being caught by the wolf

“She was so lovely, so cute, everyone loved her.

“She was 11 years old, but she was very active, not old at all.”

A lack of prey meant wolves came to the cities, he said.

Samarsky said hunters were sent out to destroy the wolves that were a threat to the arctic city.

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