Husband holds up 'I love you' poster outside hospital window everyday until wife recovers from Covid

A loving husband showed up at his wife’s hospital every day while she got Covid to wave an “I love U” sign outside her window.

Donna Crane, 56, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Advent Hospital after contracting the coronavirus and suffering from acute respiratory failure.

Since she had to isolate herself, her partner Gary Crane, 61, couldn’t go to her room to comfort her, so had a creative way of showing her how much he cared.

Donna from Port Orange, Florida said, “I felt loved and I knew I would be fine and go home.

“He said he felt helpless not being with me and that he didn’t want me to be afraid of feeling isolated.”

Donna tested positive for Covid on August 15 after experiencing an elevated temperature and headache and body aches.

Her symptoms worsened to the point of complete respiratory failure, and firefighter Gary took her to the emergency room on her 56th birthday.

Before she was taken to the hospital by ambulance, she had to say goodbye to her husband without knowing when she would next see him.

Donna said, “It was awful.

“We have never been apart for so long – never.

“I was afraid I would have to be at a vent and that I would die.”

On her first morning in intensive care, she received a call from Gary telling her to look out her window.

In fact, her husband was standing in the parking lot with a huge construction paper sign on which he had written “I <3 U".

Moments of two, Donna, after being picked up by her nurses, was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears.

Gary even brought breakfast for the nurses and showed up at 8 a.m. each day before going to work as a lieutenant with Marion County Fire Rescue.

Husband holds up 'I love you' poster outside hospital window everyday until wife recovers from Covid 1

Even on the tenth and final day, the shield did not lose its effectiveness and helped motivate Donna during her recovery.

The catering sales manager said, “When I was fired and came out to see him, just touching his hand was amazing.

“We had peach milkshakes, that’s as crazy as I can get now!”

She is now holding the sign on her bedroom wall to remind herself how much she is loved and wants to use Gary’s kindness to remind everyone to get vaccinated.

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