Husband pours boiling water over wife after she woke him up with breakfast

A husband is accused of pouring boiling water over his wife for waking him up to bring him breakfast to bed as a reward.

Ali Ay, 28, allegedly threw the boiling water to Rukiye Ay, 23 because he wanted to lie in it.

Authorities said the incident occurred on January 9 at the couple’s home in the central Turkish city of Konya.

She publicly exposed her horrific injuries from her hospital ward in Turkey.

Her back is raw and red from the severe burns.

Ay was taken into custody after public outrage over the decision to initially release him on bail.

The couple has been married for five years, Turkish media reported.

Speaking from the hospital where she is being treated for her injuries, Rukiye said she brought breakfast to bed for her husband, which should be a pleasant surprise.

When she woke him, however, he got angry because he shouldn’t have been lying down and started yelling at her, she claimed.

She said, “I made everything ready and then went to tell my husband that he had breakfast in bed.

“He was angry and wanted to know why I woke him up and told me not to disturb him so I started having breakfast with my daughter.

Rukiye Ay shows her back in the hospital and wears mesh bandages for her severe burns with boiling water

“He came in still in a bad mood and told me he would divorce me and take custody of our daughter no matter what I did.”

She added, “Then he poured boiling water on my neck. He was about to throw it in my face, but I turned away.

“I ran away and got my t-shirt stuck to my skin. Then he threw the rest of the boiling water on me and some of it landed on my child’s feet and the rest hit me on the hip.

“I wanted to escape, but I passed out from the pain. When I came to I could hear my daughter scream and then I felt him grab my hair and pull me into the bathroom.”

She said her daughter’s crying gave her extra strength.

Rukiye Ay's back is red and scalded, and the skin appears tight after hot water is burned

When he answered a call to his father, she took the opportunity to run to a neighbor who offered her protection and called the police, which led to the arrest of her husband.

However, she was appalled when he was released on bail.

His release sparked public anger in Turkey, which resulted in his being arrested again and taken into custody.

Rukiye said, “I couldn’t believe it, as long as he is free, me and my daughter are in danger.”

She said he pointed out that local men often went free after attacking women, including a man in her neighborhood she said recently escaped punishment.

When she discovered stories like this in the newspapers, she claimed that her husband had told her, “You see, even if I kill you now, no one will mind.”

Under public pressure, the suspect was arrested again on the orders of the Attorney General following a complaint from Rukiye’s attorney.

He is charged with aggravated assault and is currently on remand.


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