Husband saved wife from savage shark attack by landing punches until it let go

Chantelle Doyle, 35, was on a trip to Port Macquarie, New South Wales with her husband Mark last year when the super predator clung to her calf and tried to pull it underwater

Shark attack survivor relives how her husband saved her from a monster predator

A shark attack survivor relived her husband rescued her from the jaws of the great white shark.

Chantelle Doyle, 35, was on a trip to Port Macquarie, New South Wales with her husband Mark last year.

The surfers hit the crystal clear water early on a “sunny and beautiful day,” Chantelle told 60 Minutes.

She said around 9:30 am the super predator hit “under my board – it hit my leg immediately – just pop, grab”.

The monster shark clung to her calf and refused to let go before pulling her under the water.

Mark was about 10 meters away when he saw the shark’s fin and head near her leg.

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Chantelle Doyle and husband Mark relived the moment when they were attacked by a shark

He said, “Well, I just threw the board away to just start whaling …

“[I was looking] dead in the eye. This memory often sticks with me, a black eye.

He said he hit the shark in the nose because “it’s more sensitive”

Mark’s efforts paid off as the shark finally let go and swam away.

Chantelle underwent 15 months of microsurgery on her leg along with rehabilitation and physical therapy



Chantelle then bravely paddled back to shore on her board.

Chantelle is now back in the water after 15 months of microsurgery on her leg, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

She said, “Muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, everything is taken care of.

“Most parts of my leg were injured, except for my arteries. If my artery had been hit … I’m not having this conversation.”

Chantelle Doyle, 35, was attacked by a great white shark while surfing in 2020


60 minutes Australia / Twitter)

Mark told it before 9News: “I tried to punch it. It feels like hitting a wall, like it’s tough. ”

Mark added, “You see your child’s mother, your support, all you are, you just respond.

But he said his wife was the heroine for getting back on her board and paddling back to shore more than 160 feet when blood flowed from cuts on her leg after the attack.

A group of residents used their board as a stretcher and their leg rope as a tourniquet to prevent blood loss.

Rescue workers rushed to the beach to take care of Chantelle, who had been bitten in at least two different places.

Paramedics were on site in just eight minutes.

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