'I don't want to die' – boy's desperate plea to NHS doctors as lifesaving treatment withdrawn

A 16-year-old boy asks to be kept in the hospital – and tells the NHS doctors, “I don’t want to die”.

William Verden was diagnosed with rare kidney disease two years ago. Doctors have now said that the teenager should no longer receive life-saving treatment – and should instead receive end-of-life palliative treatment at home.

Manchester Children’s Hospital got a second opinion from an expert in Newcastle – who said Williams’ kidneys were “devastated” – and a transplant is unlikely to work and is very risky.

His desperate mother is now fighting to have her son sent home for perhaps his last Christmas. She has called this a “death sentence” – and is ready to go to the High Court to keep William alive.

William said, “I don’t want to die. My hoses protect me. “

On Saturday he was well enough to play golf – and can still hit up to 150 balls on a range – reports Der Spiegel.

Amy said, “You’re sending him home to die. I will never let it.

“Of course, if William was in pain or bedridden I wouldn’t want him to suffer – but he has an incredible quality of life. He plays golf twice a week, I go shopping with him, and he plays with the local children.

“We’re in limbo, wondering if this will be Williams last Christmas or if he’ll even make it by then if he has to go into palliative care.”

“He’ll probably die from it. But he’s not ready to die yet. He deserves a chance like anyone else. “

William, who suffers from autism and ADHD, previously interfered with tubing and entry points and sometimes had to be restrained during dialysis. His mother fears that this may have influenced the decision to end treatment.

“It’s his handicap,” said Amy. “He’s not deliberately disrupting the line. At first he hated dialysis, then he got used to it – he just needed time. I don’t think doctors would advise us that way if he wasn’t autistic. “

Liz Davis, of Irwin Mitchell’s attorneys who support Williams family, said, “All Amy wants is the best possible life and future for William. We will continue to support Amy and the family to ensure their voices are heard. “

MFT, who directs the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, said, “We recognize this is a very difficult time for William and his family and we will continue to support them.”

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