I ended our impossible 25-year marriage, says PM's ex

Boris Johnson’s ex-wife Marina Wheeler said she was the one to end their 25-year marriage after it became “impossible”.

Ms. Wheeler, 56, spoke of the end of her relationship with the Prime Minister as she spoke about her cervical cancer diagnosis in 2019.

The former couple, who have two sons and two daughters, married in 1993 before announcing a divorce in 2018.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Ms. Wheeler said, “The divine plan seemed to have gone wrong.

“My four children and I had tough things to do. My 25 year marriage had become impossible so I ended it, but the whole thing was grim.

“Then why was I being given more? Of course, cancer doesn’t work that way. Neither does life. “

Ms. Wheeler said two years after her diagnosis that she could see she was “lucky” and asked other women to attend their cervical cancer screening appointments.

“Because I was screened, the cancer was detected early – stage 1 – and treated relatively easily,” she said.

Mr Johnson and Ms. Wheeler finalized their divorce in 2020.

The Prime Minister married his third wife, Carrie Symonds, at Westminster Cathedral on May 29 this year. Their son Wilfred was born in April 2020.


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