‘I Got Nicer Everything,’ Says Man Who Ruins All He Touches


Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the White House before flying to Arizona on June 23, 2020. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

‘I Got Nicer Everything,’ Says Man Who Ruins All He Touches 1

The signal: The Covid 19 epidemic is raging again with more than 30,000 new cases be diagnosed every day. Hospitals in Houston and other major cities in Texas are about to be flooded with patients. Many Trumpland states, whose conservative leaders welcomed Trump’s plans to reopen their economies – before the public health thresholds were reached – are now seeing huge spikes in infection. Another 1.48 million Americans just registered for unemployment and the stock exchange is back towards the south, because awareness of the severity of this new chapter is taking hold there.
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No other First World country on earth comes close to America’s infection rate as a percentage of its population. The director of the United States Disease Control Centers is so disturbed that he told Congress this week that the virus “brought this nation to its knees. ”Not surprisingly, the European Union, where some Member States are starting to open up to tourism again, is on the brink except American travelers for this reason. The United States under Trump has become radioactive.

There is no indication that Trump will respond to this with sensible public health strategies. His entire tactical arsenal at this point consists of noise, noise, and even more noise.

He is likely to rage and rage, try to punish the EU with tariffs, and maybe get angry with NATO – while continuing to attribute the high infection numbers to an increase in tests.

Trump believes that the virus will magically dissolve if he speaks big enough. So he will continue to hold badly advised indoor rallies – even if these rallies cause his fans, their families, and neighbors to take up the disease. The Secret Service agents who are already guarding him had to quarantine itself after the Tulsa rally. You were forced to work at an event at which Trump bragged about being more attractive than Democrats: “Much nicer. I have better hair than her. I have nicer qualities. I have nicer houses. I have nicer apartments. I have become more beautiful. ”

Trump was back a few days after this rally, this time in Phoenix. There he bragged how he deals with journalists he doesn’t like: “I’m being interviewed by people and I’m sitting in the Oval Office the other day and I didn’t like the tone.” And I said, “You know, it’s really nice because I’m here and you aren’t.”

Seriously: Who the hell – over 6 years old – speaks like this?

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This man’s insecurity knows no bounds. Apparently he can only find confirmation in the applause of thoughtless acolytes, since he recycles one tired old MAGA catchphrase after the other. Think of that line in the film Boulevard of the dawn does that summarize all the psychological needs and fears of an entertainer who is unable to graciously leave the stage? All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.



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