'I thought I was alone until I looked closer at panoramic photo and spotted a figure'

The reel of panoramic photos showed a derelict abandoned warehouse full of graffiti and rubbish, but Redditors noticed something even more disturning located in the far right corner of the shot

The zoomed-in shot shows what looks to be the silhouette of a man in the corner of the room

A photographer flicking through old photos was left shocked when he discovered something strange in one of his panoramas.

The photos show the inside of an abandoned warehouse adorned with graffiti and covered in debris, but something about them struck the man as odd.

Posting the snaps to Reddit, the man showed users the unnerving silhouette of a man hiding in the shadows.

The photo was captioned: “Looking back at this panorama I took in 2016, I thought I was alone at the time.”

But by zooming in on the far right corner of one of the snaps, users quickly noticed what appeared to be the dark shadow lurking in the background.

One user, spooked by the mysterious figure, commented: “The only thing more terrifying than being alone in that location, is not being alone in that location.”

The photo showed what looked to be an ordinary empty warehouse, but internet users spotted something sinister lurking in the corner



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Other users said they had tried to find the silhouette after reading fellow Redidotrs’ comments, only to be started by what they saw.

One user said: “Stranger was thinking: ‘oh there’s a dude in here taking a video. I’ll just stay out of his way.'”

Another asked: “Panorama, or paranormal?”

It’s not the first time creepy shapes have been spotted by unwitting photographers: In December, a “ghoulish man with a white beard” was spotted in an Irish photographer’s photo collection, The Sun reports.

The disturbing image had been found on a batch of panoramic expedition footage taken by ghost hunters in Galway.

In February 2020, a woman who posted a selfie to friends after a night out was horrified to learn a spider had been hiding in her hood while she posed for the snap.

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