I Tried Venus Williams's At-Home Total-Body Workout, and Sweat Was Flying in My Living Room

Venus Williams gets creative with her home workouts and we are all invited to the ride. The tennis star takes to Instagram Live to share daily workouts at home, film in her own home, and swap dumbbells for household items like water jugs and champagne bottles. (Yes, you are free to pop a few corks and then roast yourself.) She released her first quick, full-body routine on March 25, and of course we tuned in, followed and sweated through the nine simple yet effective moves. Even Williams trickled towards the end!

Check out the full workout below and keep reading to learn how to do each exercise. And if you want to train with Williams yourself, the tennis legend strives to broadcast a workout every day at noon. ET on Instagram Live.

Venus Williams full body workout

Required equipment: Two pairs of dumbbells, one heavy and one light, or dumbbell substitutes such as water jugs, water bottles or champagne bottles.

Directions: Start with a dynamic warm-up, then do 10 reps of each exercise and three sets of each circuit. If necessary, take a short break between sets. Cool down with a stretch session when you’re done.

Pilates Band Full Body Workout

Circuit 1: repeat 3 times
Bicep curl, 10 reps
Squat to the overhead press, 10 reps
Triceps extension, 10 reps
Rest if necessary
Circuit 2: repeat 3 times
Lateral arm lift, 10 reps
Forearm up, 10 reps
Weighted dropout, 10 reps
Rest if necessary
Circuit 3: Repeat 3 times
Sit-up, 10 reps
Russian twist, 10 reps
Weighted V-up, 10 reps
Rest if necessary

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