Ice figure in the form of ‘Grim Reaper’ haunts Canadian home

Bone-chilling ice figures in the shape of the Grim Reaper appeared outside a Canadian man’s lakefront home earlier this month.

The story grew more unsettling when Ben Tucci, 65, of Dunnville, Ontario showed pictures of the ghastly ice formations to his daughter, the Mirror reports.

She told her dad they look like two spirits who have been haunting her dreams.

The wraithlike figures of twisted ice appear gaunt and hunched, covered in long shawls or cloaks around their shoulders.

“My initial reaction was one of awe. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Tucci said. “On the first formation, I thought this is Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, Father Christmas or maybe even the Grim Reaper.

“My immediate reaction to the dejected-looking figure was of an eerie looking woman or a sea hag of sorts, leaving the property almost as if to be walking away from Jack Frost.”

The images have caused a sensation on social media.

“Amazing! Spooky!” Mary Morganelli wrote on Tucci’s Facebook page, a sentiment echoed repeatedly.

Lake house owner Ben Tucci was bewildered by “the dejected-looking figure.”
Jam Press/Ben Tucci
Tucci speculates the ghoulish ice sculpture was formed by icy winds from Lake Erie.
Jam Press/Ben Tucci

Tucci said there’s a rational explanation for the ghostly figures. They were formed when frigid Lake Erie waves blew into a neighbor’s yard and quickly froze around his lamp posts.

But he also hinted at the work of supernatural forces on his Facebook page, claim that one of the figures is “a spirit who knew it was losing the old cottage which it ‘inhabited’ and was departing.”

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