If Anything Happens I Love You: Most Emotional Short Film On Netflix

People in TikTok are sobbing for the new Netflix movie called “If Anything Happens I Love You”. There were thousands of videos of the people shooting themselves before vs after watching the film and everyone was crying as loud as a piece of cake. Well, after watching all those videos, I hopped on Netflix to watch those 12 minutes of the short film, and believe me, those were the most emotional 12 minutes of my life.

If Anything Happens I Love You is an animated film that appears quite simply but elegantly on the screen. But when you think of an animated movie, you think of a lot of colors, animations and designs that add a touch of color and really define the animation in it. The colors are something that we’ve been looking at in animation for so long, so if anyone has heard of “animated film” they will get the idea of ​​colors, great images with the essence of design.

However, the new animated film on Netflix is ​​kindly different with unique colors of black and white. The film follows a soothing voice at a low volume, and the actions are represented by the images rather than voices.

Directed and created by Michael Govier and Will McCormack, who worked closely with the NGOs to make the film perfect. We follow the lives of two elderly couples who feel a lot of guilt in their hearts for the loss of their only child in the terrorist attack. In those 12 minutes, the film portrayed a lot of emotions and sadness that you could easily feel at the end. No wonder why viewers cried so hard for the movie itself.

A tragic film that is no less than the reality and portrays the intentions of the people that the new generation might see. If you are someone who is a big fan of the movie or someone who wants to know more about the animated movie in detail, then this article is for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

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If something happens I love you: everything you need to know

If something happens I love you

Written and directed by Will McCormack and Michael Govier who got the basic idea of ​​writing the story after meeting in Griffith Park. The film follows two parents who mourn the death of their only daughter in the school shooting.

The black and white animations make the film feel all the colors in our lives by making the viewers realize the importance of the present. Tons of posts are images in the movie that may not be enough to tell. Anyone who has seen the film is sure to get emotional.

The animation and visuals are simply the best at the job. With limited characters, the film evokes the feeling of love and admiration for our loved ones. What makes the film so intriguing personally is how it contains the story of the parents. Sobbing and mourning the death of their child, who was the only ray of sunshine in their home, makes their lives extremely enjoyable. But when she died, things started to get harder for the parents. When I think that this and this can happen to real people, it breaks my heart.

You could easily get the thought that voiceless and short films can have such a heartbreaking and beautiful effect on ourselves that we have to remember that for the rest of our lives. The directors miraculously developed the film in such a way that viewers have to remember that for the rest of our lives.

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If something happens I love you: what is it about?

If something happens I love you

The death of the daughter drives the parents apart. As the couple grows older, their silence and ignorance towards each other increases, but the love never dies. It’s hiding somewhere and can’t escape each other’s bodies. The film shows how the older generation has a sense of love for their partner.

We often assume that our parents may be too busy with us that they don’t love each other. The weight of the children’s responsibility weighs so much that they don’t even have time for themselves.

If something happens, I love you is a Netflix top hot category film that belongs to the Top 3 animated films of the year. The film has been nominated as Best Animated Short Film in the Oscar 2021.

The film is heartbreaking but beautiful in its own way at the same time. The shadows have played the part of the souls of the parents who, despite all these things, still love each other. Plus the look of the cat. While many people see the cat only as a supporting character, many may feel that it is yet another representation of the melancholy art of how the daughter’s soul is still there. The cat just appeared out of nowhere, but left a significant impact.

After the death of the daughter, the parents suddenly find themselves hopeless in their lives. Nothing excites them as before. There are many arguments and thoughts that both have, but they decided to stop. Here we saw how the parents are broken, that they can’t say a word, or maybe they don’t feel like talking at all. Yet their souls quarrel with anger.

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Is it based on a true story?

If anything happens I love your review

This is the most frequently asked question among viewers after seeing the film. So this is a real movie? Bad things can happen to anyone and thinking about this makes viewers realize that this could be the case for some parents. In America, many children have lost their lives to gun violence and mass murder, which somehow proves the possibility for this movie.

However, this is not an actual incident, but the title of the film is actually based on a true story. It took the directors a year to write the film and have worked with hundreds of NGOs that track the people who have witnessed such incidents.

The title is actually a message that the students received from their loved ones in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Speaking in an interview, the directors revealed, “We have met many parents who have lost children to gun violence, and we admire their courage and we want to see their grief and acknowledge their pain. And that’s one of the powerful tools of storytelling. These things that are articles – they get intimate and real, and you can imbue the emotion of it. Animation is a great tool for that. We wanted to create an elegy for these parents who have worked through the grief that no one should go through.”

They further reveal, “58 percent of American adults or someone they care for have experienced gun violence in their lifetime.”

This highlights how the people have suffered, physically or mentally from some of the shady incidents. It is important for people to know that how small things matter in our lives and how important it is for our loved ones to realize their love for us. It’s important to tell that “If anything happens, I love you”.”

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