If You Take A Bath While Wearing Contact Lenses, The Risk Of Eye Infection Is 7 Times Higher, Redness And Ulcers Can Also Occur.

Be alert if you take a bath while wearing contact lenses. By doing this, the risk of eye infection is 7 times higher. Redness in the eyes and corneal ulcers can also occur with eye pain.

This claim has been made by British researchers. Researchers conducted research on 78 users who wore contact lenses. Research has shown that if we take a bath while wearing a lens, the eyes have a bad effect. If you don’t treat it, there could be a problem with blurred vision.

So the danger increases

Researchers say wearing contact lenses while bathing helps bacteria spread the infection to the eye. Bathing keeps moisture on the surface of the lens. This allows bacteria to easily increase their number and size of the infection.

Stay alert even before going to bed

British researchers say sleeping in contact lenses isn’t good either. This increases the risk of bacterial and fungal infections by up to 3 times. This infection is called microbial keratitis in the language of science.

According to research, 40 million people in the UK use contact lenses. Causes of eye infections are common because of this. Those who later work on vision impairment, so it’s more important to stay alert.

37 of 78 have suffered from infections

Researcher at Southampton University of Research, Pervez Hussain, says ignoring cleanliness in lens maintenance leads to cases of infection. During the study, 37 of the 78 people who used lenses had eye infections, ie microbial keratitis.

The danger is more in the 25 to 39 age group

According to the researchers, people between the ages of 25 and 39 are more at risk. Contact lenses are most commonly used by people of this age group. Neil Retail, elected president of the British Contact Lens Association, says 140 million people around the world are successfully using lenses.

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