If You Wait Until Election Day to Vote, You’re Already Too Late


I can’t keep up with all of the different ways Donald Trump is trying to steal the upcoming presidential election. And I can’t trace all of the ways he tries to undermine confidence in the election so he can declare himself the winner even if he loses.

At this point, Trump’s proposed election fraud plans ranged from delay the election because of Covid-19 (which he can’t do) to declare a winner by the end of election night, even if there are still votes left counted (which he cannot either). He insisted that mail-in voting increases the likelihood of Amounted to (which it doesn’t), and he, along with his partner in corruption Bill Barr, has urged Trump voters to do so vote twice (which is fraud). In the meantime, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has crippled the postal service to such an extent that people fear their mail-in votes will not get to their local electoral authority in time to be counted while the courts have refused to set the deadlines for applying, to extend reception and reception. and submit postal votes. Trump and Barr have even proposed sending armed thugs to polling stations to “secure” the vote. This is a clear indication that they intend to participate Intimidation of voters on election day.

And I’ll write that in September! I can’t imagine what Trump said to undermine the choice between when you end this sentence and when you read it.

There is not much that Democrats can do to prevent Trump’s attack on democracy. They have given dire warnings, but at this point the warnings are a bit like a smoke alarm going off after a house burns crispy. They have held oversight hearings in Congress, but they will not indict anyone, and anyone they indicted would be acquitted by the astute and complicit Republican Senate. They tried to get the mainstream media to correct Trump’s lies, but the President’s stenographers employed by many news agencies decided long ago that access was more valuable than the U.S. self-governing system.

So we’re stuck in a difficult place. Instead of finding a concrete solution to stop Trump from stealing an election, he’s unlikely to win fair, we leave the plot of the film up to us First League: As Tom Berenger’s character says when he learns that his team’s owner is planning to refuel the team so they can relocate to a new town, “I think there’s only one thing left to do … win the whole thing damn thing. “



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