Ikea makes controversial change as Omicron continues to spread

Ikea has cut sick pay for unvaccinated workers who come into contact with someone with coronavirus.

The Swedish business has decided to give employees who have not been stung the legal minimum of £ 96.35 per week under the statutory sick pay rules.

The average wage for Ikea store clerks is £ 10.10 an hour outside London and £ 11.30 in the capital – the equivalent of £ 404 and £ 452 for an average work week, the Mail reported on Sunday.

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An IKEA spokesman said, “We know this is an emotional issue and all circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The retailer later clarified that the directive only affects unvaccinated workers with “high levels of absenteeism”.

A number of extremely positive studies show that Omicron is milder than other varieties.

The first official British report shows that the risk of hospitalization is 50 to 70 percent lower than with the Delta variant.

Covid booster jabs protect against omicron and offer the best chance of weathering the pandemic, health officials said repeatedly.

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