Ikea’s mockup solution for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners

The new generation of game consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are quite large devices. In fact, PS5 is the greatest console in modern history. The dimensions of the consoles make it difficult to find a place for these devices in home television units. Ikea has developed a solution to help PS5 and Xbox Series X owners prepare a new television.

Ikea has posted mock-ups of the same dimensions as the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Thanks to these models, users can see if the consoles will fit the television set they want to buy. Photos of these models in stores were shared on Reddit.

The dimensions and shapes of the mockup boxes are the same as those of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. On the model of the PS5 it is clearly indicated for which purpose the model was made, and some mockery is made. The box says, “Which Ikea television will fit my new one and big enough to be ridiculed online game console?”

PS5 and Xbox Series X mockups from Ikea look very useful. Since there is not much point in bringing new generation game consoles to Ikea, it can be said that a useful service is offered to those who want to choose the right product.

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