I’m a Defense Industry Worker. It’s Time to Cut the Pentagon Budget.

The story is the same every year. Congress looks at the Pentagon’s budget, briefly discusses the merits of decades of skyrocketing spending, and then replenishes it with tens of billions of dollars.

And every year they do it on my behalf.

I am a worker in the defense industry. I live and work in an area of ​​Alabama known as “the pentagon of the south. “I am a member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. And I say that throwing money in the Pentagon doesn’t help workers like me.

It’s time to cut back on the bloated Pentagon budget and use those resources where they actually serve my colleagues: funding good, green union jobs.

In September, the House of Representatives passed bill approving a staggering $ 778 billion budget for the Pentagon for 2022. That’s a $ 37 billion year-over-year increase and more than double the annual volume of the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that has become the center of a storm of Beltway exams. But because it applied more to the Pentagon than to the people, few flinched.

Above half this exorbitant sum goes directly to corporations in the lucrative Contract industry of the armaments industry. There are executives fill their pockets and spend some of the rest on more lobbying next year. The majority of the congress, influenced by the influence of the industry, eyed a comfortable one Board position, or also benefit directly from the contractor’s inventory. And they will justify this decision with the magic word: jobs.

Despite the public opposition to unbridled spending by the Pentagon, even though the Pentagon is notorious wastefulDespite the pledges made by many politicians to end our country’s endless wars, unlimited funding of an overpowering war machine is deemed necessary because it supposedly helps create jobs like mine.


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