I'm Only Interested in Chic Stay-at-Home Clothes – This Is What I'm Buying From Zara

Many of our favorite looks only feel good when we can wear them for everyone, yet I have dedicated a small portion of my wardrobe to items I never intended to wear outdoors. (I think we’ll call them inside clothing.) There is an obvious pleasure of dressing alone to suit the microclimate of your home, where you don’t have to think about outerwear, shoes, or well, anything too functional. So if you’ve never noticed Katie Holmes’ internet-famous bralette and vest moment as practical attire for your normal life, it might just be something to spruce up your #stayhome look.

Since Katie first debuted the look, the trend has hit the market, giving us iterations to take a test drive in our own homes. I’ve worn the look with jeans, but I will admit that putting on as an alternative to my typical loungewear (read: sweatshirt and sweatpants) has provided the mood-enhancing effects I was looking for when dressing, without fully bonding clothes. It’s the happy compromise, if you will. It’s certainly progressive, but it’s cozy and comfortable and looks particularly cute with knitted shorts and socks to hang on the couch, an evening at home or a day of work from bed. And when it’s time to meet your friends in person again, you might just be ready to take the trend to the street and be happy to have a cute cardigan – rather than a range of worn sweatshirts – on hand.

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