Home Tech Images of LG Wing with two screens leaked

Images of LG Wing with two screens leaked

Images of LG Wing with two screens leaked

LG, who wants to bring a new breath to the foldable phone trend, is preparing to create a device using different technologies. Images of the LG Wing model, which has a T-shaped design, have been leaked.

LG Wing images leaked

LG had a huge crash in the smartphone market with the G3 model. The company, which wants to have a say in the smartphone market by going back to its old days, draws attention with its innovative approach.

It is a bit difficult to estimate the device sizes from the photos taken. However, it is obvious that the device is larger than the Galaxy Note 20, which has dimensions of 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3 mm. The new model is estimated to have an approximately 6.8 inch screen.

LG Wing görüntüleri sızdırıldı

LG Wing, which is claimed to appear with a special interface, offers the opportunity to use the second screen independently of the first screen when its special interface is active. The model, which is claimed to be powered by the Snapdragon 765G processor, is expected to come with 8 GB of RAM.

Images of LG Wing with two screens leaked 1

It is stated that the company will offer 4 weeks of testing to some users, although the price tag is not clear, it is expected to be approximately $ 1,600. The device is known to be introduced on October 5th.



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