Impeach Trump Immediately

If the violent chaos wrought by supporters of President Donald Trump on the United States Capitol is brought under control, the House should immediately charge Trump with incitement to riot, and the Senate should act just as quickly to remove the defeated President from the Remove office.

Trump must be held accountable not only for what happened, but also for what could happen in the last two weeks of his dangerous presidency. This is no longer an option for Congress. This is a constitutional duty that several Members of the House recognized on Wednesday afternoon.

The newly elected representative Mondaire Jones got it right on when he defined“Because Donald Trump instigated violence against the legislature of the United States government and must be charged again.” Representative Ilhan Omar also welcomed this with an announcement: “I am creating articles of impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be indicted by the House of Representatives and removed from office by the United States Senate. We cannot allow him to stay in office, it is about preserving our republic and we have to keep our oath. “

Jones and Omar defend the rule of law. Your colleagues have a responsibility to join them. To think differently is to deny the reality of what Trump unleashed on the United States. With his lies about an election he lost and calling on supporters to come to Washington to question the electoral college results that Congress was supposed to certify on Wednesday, the defeated president created the crisis that led to a Capitol invasion that resulted in physical violence, looting, the destruction of public property that disrupted the nation’s government. When the night fell the Associated Press confirmed that at least one woman died in the violence.

The New York Times heading screamed: “Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol, Inspired by Trump Speech.”

When the House and Senate debated a move by a Republican faction to overturn the election results around 2:15 p.m., the case was halted when Security Officer toppled Vice President Mike Pence from the Senate Chamber and the Capitol was erected to include Senators and Members of the House locked in their respective chambers, ”reported the Times. “Shortly thereafter, police escorted Senators and members of the House from the building to others nearby as protesters flooded the hallways with pro-Trump paraphernalia just steps from where lawmakers met.”


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