In a first, MCX offers up to 3x salary to those working from office

The largest commodity exchange MCX offers up to 3 times more wages to a few selected employees, who work from an office in the city.

MCX, which largely dominates the commodity exchange space, employs around 400 people across the country and 300 of them are headquartered here.

“Since last Friday, 50 of our key employees have been working from the office. The office had made all the arrangements, including their daily needs and their stay in the exchange building itself.

“And to reward them financially for the risk they take, management has decided to pay them at least double the salary. In some cases, this can go up to 3 times,” said a senior trade official at PTI, which also claimed that MCX is the only exchange to do so.

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The scholarship nomination and compensation committee has approved a new reward / compensation program for office workers following the Covid pandemic to boost morale and boost productivity, the official added.

Under this program, employees working in the office for at least one week and continuing to work thereafter without interruption will receive gross salary compensation for each work week in the proportion of 1, 1.5 and 3 times more from their normal salary. .

The rest of the contracted support staff will also be adequately compensated directly through the exchange, said the manager.

The essential staff comprising four categories from all departments has been identified in the offices of MCX and MCXCCL for the offices of Mumbai and Gandhinagar for the activation of the emergency plan.

The employees work in non-critical functions at home in rotation from mid-March.


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