In Nicaragua, thousands go to Honduras border crossings for Covid-19 vaccines

TEGUCIGALPA – Almost 8,000 Nicaraguans have received Covid-19 vaccines at two customs border crossings to neighboring Honduras in the past few days, the Honduran health authorities said on Monday, as supplies of vaccines in Nicaragua were running low.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who promoted vaccines for Nicaraguans, wrote in a post on Twitter that “the solidarity and brotherhood of Hondurans transcends borders”. He added that Nicaraguans would be given up to 500 doses a day.

The Honduran health authorities have also suggested cross-border aid as a way to reduce the risk of further infections at home.

“They do not have access to vaccines in Nicaragua and that becomes a risk for us due to the significant human movement along the border,” said Honduran regional health official Jose Maria Paguada.

Officials in Nicaragua did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hondurans and Nicaraguans are waiting on October 25, 2021 in Guasaule, Honduras, on the border between the two countries, to be vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.Orlando Sierra / AFP via Getty Images File

The borderline vaccines, which will be distributed in the southwestern Choluteca department of Honduras, will use donated vaccinations from Moderna and Pfizer and will be run through November 6 for the first doses, with the second doses to follow, Honduran officials said.

To date, Honduras has confirmed more than 370,000 coronavirus infections and nearly 10,200 deaths as a result of the highly contagious respiratory disease caused by the virus.

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