India 'bans export of AstraZeneca vaccine' as country fights huge Covid outbreak

India has banned large exports of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine to meet its country’s demand for the shot.

The world’s second largest nation temporarily stopped exporting puffs made by the Serum Institute of India (SII) after infections increased in the country.

It could be a blow to the UK vaccination schedule, which includes millions of doses made in India.

There have been no vaccine exports from India since Thursday, as the country’s foreign ministry website shows, as the country expands its own vaccination efforts.

Sources told Reuters there will be no vaccine exports from India until the country’s Covid crisis stabilizes.

“Everything else has faded into the background, at least for the time being,” said one of the sources.

Both sources were directly aware of the matter but declined to be named as the discussions are not public.

One said, “No exports, nothing until the situation in India stabilizes. The government is not going to take such a huge risk at the moment when so many in India need to be vaccinated. “

It comes after a delivery of five million AstraZeneca cans from India to the UK was delayed by four weeks, the BBC reported.

According to the BBCA spokesman for the Serum Institute previously said: “Five million doses were shipped to the UK a few weeks ago and we will try to deliver more later based on the current situation and requirements for the government vaccination program in India.”

Meanwhile, the NHS warned of a “significant” decline in stab stocks in England over the next month, which could potentially disrupt the country’s vaccination program.


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