India coronavirus dispatch: Fears of community transmission in India?

As India grapples with the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, here are articles from various Indian press publications, on how citizens deal with foreclosure, lengthy readings on Covid-19, and articles opinion on how to manage the crisis, and more …


“India now at stage 3”: a doctor from the Covid-19 hospital working group

According to Dr. Girdhar Gyani, the head of the Covid-19 hospital task force, “India has entered phase 3, which is community transmission, it is the beginning of this phase.” Read more here


India Lockout Journal, Day 3: Doctor dies in Mumbai, truck full of migrants, Kejriwal appeal.

The Center works in tandem with various state governments to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure that the curfew is enforced expeditiously. This is how the States and Union territories across the country are coping with the epidemic. Read more here

Madurai Kavalan app uses GPS tracking for coronavirus pandemic

The Madurai-based start-up, JioVio Healthcare, is introducing a new feature in an internal application to help GPS tracking of people in quarantine due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Read more here

Dealing with the corona virus: a big challenge for 37% of India – the “internal migrants”

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is not only a medical problem, but a multifaceted socio-economic problem, and calls for proportionate measures. Read more here

Covid-19 lock: 8% TV viewing time, 6% smartphone use

With people locked in, TV viewing time increased by more than 70 billion minutes in India, with average daily viewers increasing by 32 million. Read more here


Life lessons from the history of blockages

Interlocks, containment and isolation have been used successfully against pandemics, terror and technological disasters. What are the costs? By Ramin Jahanbegloo Read more here


Designing a people-centered response to Covid-19, by Pinarayi Vijayan

As we move toward foreclosure, the state has important responsibilities. It must assume a leadership role in the enforcement of repression while respecting the rights and dignity of people, it must educate citizens about the do’s and don’ts of making rules to follow, and it must take all layers of society with him. Read more here

Let’s use the advantage of the follower: we could learn to fight Covid-19 from South Korea, by Kaushik Basu

We have three lessons from Korea. First, you need strong leadership. Second, it is extremely important to have trust between society and government. Third, we need nuanced policies, the government having the courage to correct its trajectory as it goes. Learn more here.


Have pangolins transmitted the coronavirus to humans? Maybe, but scientists are still not sure

Research to date indicates that pangolin, an illegally traded scaly mammal, was most likely an intermediary between bats and humans, but not the only one. Read more here

Explanation: how the antibody test for Covid-19 is different from the PCR test

To find out how infections like Covid-19 have spread so far, it is important to detect people who have contracted the disease in the past and who have recovered. Read more here


In conversation with the best epidemiologist Jayaprakash Muliyil

A discussion of the 21-day lockout, if India has already entered the community transmission phase with Covid-19, and the steps we need to take to move forward if we are to achieve “ collective immunity ” against the disease that can protect young and old. Read more here

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