India coronavirus dispatch: Long-term strategy needed against Covid-19

A summary of articles in Indian press publications on how India is coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. Read about the impact of foreclosure on different sectors for isolated citizens and the need for a robust health infrastructure:

Expert Speak

Expert says virus doesn’t go away after lockout

Bhramar Mukherjee, biostatistician and data scientist, said The minute of the news that the lockout has allowed government and healthcare workers to better prepare for the long fight against the virus. Read more here.

Long reads

Indian companies’ war rooms: even as they are grappling with the operational aspects of the crisis, many entrepreneurs bring in a beginner’s spirit and experiment. They discover many opportunities and prepare for a post-Covid-19 world. Read more here.

ICMR Covid-19 testing strategy was flawed, suggests ICMR study: A study recently published by ICMR scientists indicates that the board may have overlooked its own analysis of the need for more aggressive testing. Read more here.


The announcement of a foreclosure was not accompanied by a national strategy – on harnessing benefits for the poor. Pratap Bhanu Mehta writes about the need for a truly significant economic stimulus and a surge in health infrastructure that inspires confidence. Read more here.

Conversation: How can India contain the economic impact of COVID-19?

“The government must focus on health and livelihood issues at the same time.” In a conversation moderated by Vikas Dhoot, Naushad Forbes and M Govinda Rao spoke about the ways in which India could face this humanitarian and economic crisis. Read more here.

Citizens under lockdown

“The money will last 2-3 days longer. God knows what will happen after that: many workers and daily wage workers left the city on foot for their hometowns and villages hundreds of kilometers away. But many have not returned and are still in the cities, without work or income. Read more here.

I myself: The Lockout Edition: Amid fears of Covid-19 and being confined to the home, people who live alone talk about how they cope with the lockdown. Read more here.

Manage Covid-19

Blood tests to map the extent of the coronavirus epidemic in India: to determine the extent of the epidemic, India will soon begin testing blood samples from people who have no symptoms of coronavirus disease . Read more here.

Avoid ibuprofen, ICMR says diabetes, hypertension and heart patients in Covid-19 FAQ: Advice follows a letter published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine suggesting that ibuprofen may “worsen” Covid- infection 19 in diabetic and hypertensive patients. Read more here.

Initial studies state that heat and humidity will slow the spread of Covid-19. Some experts disagree: epidemiologists warn that establishing a causal link between disease progression and temperature is difficult because it does not take into account non-climatic factors such as human behavior, the capacities of different health systems and the variable government / administrative response. Read more here.


Harvard Professor Vikram Patel on Covid-19, Anxiety and Lockout: Dr. Vikram Patel, professor in the Department of Global and Population Health at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, said that strict lockdown imposed to fight the coronavirus epidemic in India has led to the migration of panic, going against the very objective of repression. He talks about empathy, not insensitivity, about media responsibility and not ignoring people with chronic illnesses, the elderly, people living with mental health issues and our other vulnerable populations. See the video here.


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