India passengers face strict travel quarantine rules – all you need to know

India was added to the coronavirus ‘red list’ to address growing concerns about the number of cases and the emergence of a variant of Covid.

The move goes into effect on Friday at 4 a.m., which means Brits returning after that time will have to be quarantined in a hotel for 10 days.

There is no travel ban to India, although flights between Birmingham Airport and Delhi or Amritsar were already suspended at the beginning of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was due to travel to India on Sunday on a trip that had already been cut back dramatically due to the pandemic.

Mr Johnson and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi agreed to cancel the trip as New Delhi entered a week-long lockdown to combat a surge in cases and prevent a collapse of the capital’s health system as India reported 273,810 new infections – the highest daily increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said, “I think it only makes sense to postpone the shape of the pandemic there given what happened in India.”

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling from India if the infections in this country are on the rise.

– What is the “Red List”?

It is a government list of countries from which people traveling to the UK are subject to restrictions in order to protect the UK from worrisome variants of coronavirus.

– What determines which countries are added?

A number of factors are assessed, including evidence that new variants are being exported to the UK or other countries, as well as a country’s access to reliable scientific data and genome sequencing.

Delhi has been banned because of the highly contagious coronavirus

– Who’s on the list?

India brings the number of countries on the list to 40.

It encompasses most of South America and southern Africa, as well as nations such as Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

– What did the government say about India?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told MPs that 103 cases of a variant first identified in India have been discovered in the UK.

He described the decision to put India on the “Red List” as “difficult but important”.

India passengers face strict travel quarantine rules - all you need to know 1

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– What is the impact of listing on travel?

Individuals who have been in a “Red List” country in the past 10 days are not allowed to enter the UK unless they are a UK or Irish national or have a legal right to reside in the UK.

– What about quarantine hotels?

People who are allowed to enter the UK from a “Red List” country must be quarantined in a government-approved hotel for at least 10 days. The price for solo travelers is £ 1,750.

– Are there any exceptions?

Some people are exempt from work, e.g. B. Aircraft pilots and crew members, government officials or contractors, and defense personnel in certain circumstances.

– What flights are currently available from India to the UK?

There are a handful of flights from India to the UK every day, mostly landing at London Heathrow.

– What happens to airfares?

Ticket prices for direct and indirect flights from India to the UK will rise as many travelers desperately try to bypass the quarantine hotel fee.

– Are direct flights from countries on the Red List prohibited?

This was originally the case, but when the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh were added to the list earlier this month, the Department of Transportation said it had not introduced a flight ban from these countries.

No new travel ban for India has been announced, although flights between Birmingham Airport and Delhi or Amritsar have been suspended in the early stages of the pandemic.


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