Indian couple tie the knot in full PPE after groom tests positive for Covid

An Indian couple had to tie the knot in full PPE – after the groom tested positive for coronavirus.

The couple got married in Madhya Pradesh state earlier this month.

Police reportedly showed up at the venue after learning of the positive test and considered canceling the ceremony.

However, when they found that precautions had been taken for the coronavirus, they let it continue.

The video from the wedding shows the bride and groom walking around a small fire in the middle of a room while they are tied up with garlands.

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The ritual is known as Saat Phere and sees the couple walking around the small “sacred” fire several times and praying for a happy future.

Three wedding guests – also dressed in PPE – stand next to the room and watch the ceremony.

One of the guests gives the bride something white as she and her husband continue walking around the fire.

India is currently experiencing the world’s worst Covid-19 outbreak, with daily cases increasing steadily over the past 10 days.

The country has problems with the lack of beds, medicines and oxygen.

PSA wedding

The deadly virus has now spread from India’s major cities to smaller cities, putting even more pressure on healthcare.

Countries including the UK have pledged aid for the cause, the first batches of which were delivered this week.

On Wednesday, India recorded the deadliest day of the pandemic to date. 3,293 deaths resulted in 201,187 deaths.

The past 24 hours also brought in 360,960 new cases – the world’s largest total in a day.

Some experts even believe that India’s official record greatly underestimates the true number of victims in a nation of 1.3 billion people.

Health workers care for coronavirus positive patients in a banquet room that has been temporarily converted into a care center in New Delhi

Officials are now hoping for a flood of supplies – including vaccines – to help speed adoption amid the boom.

But a Downing Street spokesman said Tuesday the UK would not send vaccine doses directly to India.

“We are going through the UK priority list for our domestic rollout and we have no excess doses, but we will continue to review,” they said.


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