"Inevitable" Covid infections will rise again, Boris Johnson says

It is “inevitable” that coronavirus cases and deaths will increase somewhat as lockdown restrictions ease, a press conference on Downing Street said.

Boris Johnson said the new freedoms enjoyed in England starting today (Monday 29 March) are the result of sacrifices made in recent months but warned that more infections and more are “inevitable” Hospitalization would come.

He said it was “a great day for many of us” with the first opportunity to see friends and family outdoors since the ban was imposed.

He said, “It is only through months of sacrifice and effort that we can take this small step towards freedom today, and we must proceed with caution.

“It’s great to see the lowest number of new infections in six months yesterday. Deaths and hospital admissions across the UK continue to decline.

“This wave is still rising across the canal and it is inevitable that there will be more infections and inevitably more hospitalizations and unfortunately more deaths on this roadmap.”

The warning was confirmed by Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty.

He said Covid vaccines had “a really big impact” on protecting people, but added, “This is inevitable as sections of society open up and transmission will increase somewhat.

“We expect that and that is one of the things that we have to expect.”

The briefing – from Downing Street’s new media room – was told that the number of people hospitalized with Covid in the UK is continuing to decline.

Professor Whitty said: “Fortunately, the number of people hospitalized with Covid in the UK is continuing to decline, as you can see this is now at a much lower level than it was last month and the month before

“The best news is that the death toll of people who tested positive for Covid in the UK continues to fall.

“This is partly due to the lockdown, but also and increasingly to the introduction of the vaccine.”

He said when people adhere to social distancing rules and are outside, the risk of transmission risk is “massively lower” than when they are inside.


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