Ingenuity: Helicopter Successfully Makes Third Flight On Mars

Ingenuity: NASA confirmed last Sunday (25) that the Ingenuity autonomous helicopter successfully made its third flight on Mars.

The helicopter took off at 05:31 (Brasília time) and remained at an altitude of 5 meters, the same as the previous flight, but for a longer time: 80 seconds, against 51 seconds from the last mission. The first flight took place on April 19, the first was from an airplane on a planet other than Earth.

This time, he traveled 50 meters across the planet’s Earth – a movement captured by the Perseverance rover’s side camera, which collects samples on the ground and captures material in the form of audio, video and photos.

The researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, which is running the current mission and was responsible for making the robots, are enthusiastic about the results of the flights. The fourth test will be performed in a few days, still without a defined date.

According to the agency’s statement, the data confirms “critical capabilities that will allow the addition of an air dimension to future missions to Mars.” In other words, Ingenuity is just the first of many vehicles yet to fly over the Red Planet.

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