Innovation That Will End An Important Problem From Google Chrome!

Photos is integrated in the new tab page of the Google Chrome browser. This feature is available to developers.

google continues to work on integrating the applications and services it hosts with each other. With version 93 released in early September, Drive files in the Google Chrome application. When you open a new tab, you can view data such as documents, recently opened/edited Google docs, and spreadsheets just below the search bar.

google has taken this integration one step further. It also placed the files in the Photos app in the browser. The obligation to access Photos from the web page is eliminated every time.

Photos Memories appear in Google Chrome new tab

Chrome Canary, which will allow us to try out new features that can be added to Google Chrome has pre-integrated images stored in Photos into the new tab. In the “experimental features” section, which you can access by typing chrome://flags into the address bar, you can access the new feature by typing “NTP Photos Module” into the search bar.

Innovation That Will End An Important Problem From Google Chrome! 1

When you set it to Enabled, Chrome Canary automatically opens your account in the browser and pulls your photos in Photos from Google’s servers. Not all the photos you upload, only the photos registered in the Memories section are integrated into the new tab page and you can access them quickly.

When using the feature for the first time, you must give the necessary permission to: Chrome Canary you ask. You no longer need permission after that.

How do I install Chrome Canary?

Canary is actually a developer version of Chrome. google tries out the new features it will add to the browser for the first time in Canary. Before it is delivered to the end user, it presents it to the developers and collects technical feedback about a potential problem. After the feature is ready for publication, it will be added to the regular Chrome version we always use.

If you are a user, Google advises you to be wary Chrome canary. Because Canary is not exactly a stable and stable browser. For example, while you are doing your homework, it may crash and victimize you. For this reason, it is convenient to give preference to normal Chrome for your daily work. If you still want to use Canary, you can download it by clicking the link here.

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