İnnovations expected to be discovered on the platform!

Netflix has just announced its novelties for January. And what we can say is that we are really going to be spoiled.

Just like at the beginning of the month, Netflix is ​​unveiling new features on its platform. So we know what to expect for this month of January. So if the cinemas aren’t ready to reopen yet, you can still enjoy new movies.

On the series side, Netflix is ​​launching two new products. We can therefore find Lupine as early as January. A series with actor Omar Sy who will play the contemporary Arsène Lupine. On the other hand, it is a remake of the Winx kids series that the platform is releasing. A bold but rather tempting bet.

For the fans of Riverdale, a new season is coming out for your greatest happiness. But that is not everything ! On the other hand, Netflix releases new movies to occupy your most boring evenings. So expect some tough things for the beginning of the year.

Because yes, even though 2020 is over, we still can’t go to the cinema. So why not remake movies we already know well? The platform releases the Claude Sautet cycle. But what does it consist of? We will explain it to you.


The Claude Sautet cycle allows Netflix to bring classics from French cinema. So if you want to meet the Gendarmes in Saint Tropez again, now is the time! In addition, other big names are announced for the month.

We are talking about Children’s Games, Insidious or The City of Fear. Something to please everyone and keep young and old entertained for the month of January. But on top of that, the Spider Man movie will be available now!

A way to get the whole family together. And if nothing is right for you, Netflix offers meditation classes to take a breath. So on your screens.

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