Inside Princess Diana-themed pub that's complete with souvenir photos and knick-knacks

The Lady Di pub has been serving customers in Sliema, Malta for nearly 35 years, having opened on the day of Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981

TikTok user shows a bar in the style of Princess Diana in Malta

Confused British have just discovered that there is a pub in Malta dedicated to Princess Diana and many are unsure what to think of it.

The island’s Lady Di pub in the quiet town Full of framed royal memorabilia, Sliema is making a sizzling trade.

It was named in her honor after owner Frankie Cutajar’s chance encounter with the princess at dinner many years ago.

It opened its doors on July 29, 1981 – the day of her magical wedding to Prince Charles.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a large sign that hangs outside the drunkard.

Inside, plates and pictures of Diana are everywhere, while unique photos watch over customers while they enjoy a beer.

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A Princess Diana pub in Malta made people very divided


@ harryjonesxo / TikTok)

A vacationer took things to TikTok


@ harryjonesxo / TikTok)

With a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor, the pub is clearly popular – although many in the UK are scratching their heads.

A clip from a vacationer Harry jones’ Reise was picked up by the cult Instagram account Love Of Huns.

In the headline of the video, the account wrote sarcastically: “Ar Di would have loved a tequila sunrise and a ham and cheese toastie.”

Many loved it and it seems hundreds are already planning their next vacation.

The pub has been open since the day Diana married Charles


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One commented, “It’s what she would have wanted.”

Another teased, “Prince Philip would love this x.”

A third asked her buddy, “Can we go on vacation to Malta to visit this place?”

But someone else just commented, “Sorry, it’s a what?”

It has a high TripAdvisor rating of 4.5


@ harryjonesxo / TikTok)

Owner Frankie Cutajar has kept his promise to the princess


Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Frankie Cutajar, the owner of Lady Di Pub, explained to the princess, who tragically lost her life in Paris in 1997, why he runs a pub.

He says people even left flowers outside after the car accident in France.

“I was eating with a good friend of mine in a London restaurant when he introduced me to Lady Diana.” he told the Times of Malta three years ago.

“I told her I would name a bar after her to capture the memorable occasion of her marriage to Prince Charles.”

He added: “After serving as an antique shop for a number of years, we decided to open it as a pub – many of the visitors who came to Malta and stayed in the nearby hotels in Sliema were British so we had no doubts What? we wanted to call our new pub. “

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