Inside the search for Australia's 'Madeleine McCann' as girl, 4, feared abducted

Cleo Smith was missing from her tent at a campsite two weeks ago and no trace of her has yet been found in a case likened to the disappearance of “Madeleine McCann”.

Cleo Smith has now been missing for two weeks as police continue to seek information

Friends of a missing girl’s family have shared how they joined the initial search for the missing toddler in hopes that she would just play one game before realizing she was likely kidnapped.

Close friends were involved in the initial search for four-year-old Cleo Smith, who has now been missing for two weeks, after she disappeared from the Blowholes campsite near Carnarvon, Australia.

It’s a case that shocks the country and is compared to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Cleo’s mother, Ellie, discovered the toddler was missing in the tent around 6 a.m., and the search began on October 16.

Cleo’s mother, Ellie, noticed she was missing around 6 a.m. and started a search



The remote terrain conditions made it difficult to search the area with some people using quad bikes and even a drone.

The police now assume that Cleo must have been kidnapped because it would be strange for a four-year-old to wander very far. In addition, her sleeping bag has also disappeared with her.

A family friend hopes Cleo will show up safe and sound.

“And we were still hoping that she just got out of hiding somehow,” said a friend The Western Australian.

The remote location made the search much more difficult


WA police)

“I mean, we just have to hope that she shows up and comes home in the end. I mean, you can’t lose hope or you’ll start to lose yourself.”

Police said they were at the campsite for less than an hour after Cleo was not found in the tent by her mother.

At 6:23 a.m., a call was logged from Ellie to say that her daughter was missing almost immediately, even though she initially felt like she was first looking for Cleo for hours.

“The police arrived at 7:10 am and set up a protected area at 7:26 am,” revealed Det Superintendent Rob Wilde.

Then around 11 a.m., murder detectives were on site and cars were searched on the campsite.

Det Supt Wilde said police responded to around 200 possible sightings of Cleo across the country, but none was the little girl.

“Unfortunately, all of these have proven sterile,” said Wilde.

“That was also national, other police courts helped us and followed these instructions for us, so we are very grateful for that.”

The police are still asking for clues and believe she has been abducted, but they have no suspects yet.

They are trying to gather more information on a car that left the campsite around 3am with its tires screeching.

More than 100 visitors to the Blowholes campsite have been surveyed so far.

“However, we believe there are other campers who have been near Blowholes that we have not yet identified,” he said.

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