Home Tech Instagram: how to put dark mode on Android and iOS

Instagram: how to put dark mode on Android and iOS

Instagram: how to put dark mode on Android and iOS

The dark mode or dark mode is more than a simple aesthetic addition, it is a very useful function designed for the wellbeing of the user. When activated, the interface of the network, app or platform we are using darkens and the brightness level is significantly reduced, which is beneficial to the human eye, especially in low light.

Our eyes rest while we can continue to use the mobile. Implemented in apps, networks and platforms such as Twitter, Messenger, YouTube or WhatsApp, it is also possible to activate it on Instagram whenever you want, without having to use the operating system “trick”.

Activate dark mode on Instagram

Implemented natively from Android 10 and iOS 13 – and therefore included in Android 11 and iOS 14 – Dark Mode is available as an option in both operating systems. And until now, if you had activated dark mode on an Android mobile or an iPhone, Instagram is one of the apps you saw in dark mode.

But you can also activate dark mode whenever you want, because Instagram already has this option in its settings. Before:

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile – check if you have updated the app
  2. In the main interface, look for the profile icon at the bottom right. Press it.
  3. When you are in the profile, click on the menu icon – the three horizontal lines – in the top right corner.
  4. Look down, find the Settings section and enter
  5. Find the topic section
  6. Here you have 3 options, and it is left to your choice: Clear -the default theme-, Dark -the dark mode- and System default -Instagram will activate dark mode according to your Android or iOS operating system, and it will also delete it according to the SO.



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