Instagram Is Testing A New Feature Against Crashes

Instagram aims to notify you in case of crashes. The platform will show the source of the problem to its users with the tested feature.

Instagram is just one of the Facebook applications that have crashed in recent days and moved the stones in the technology world. After the misery that grew into a large-scale crisis, users do not want to experience the same situation. The platform, which wanted to intervene at this point, decided to develop a new system.

Instagram, who doesn’t want its users to have to follow other platforms plans to report in possible situations. This gives everyone involved in the application access to more accurate information about what the problem is.

Instagram lets you know when it crashes

The feature, which is still in the testing phase, was first announced on the application’s blog page. The platform, which has been mostly hurt by crashing issues, wants to explain the situation directly to its users. Want more clarity Instagram will also shed light on where potential problems may arise.

The latest developments are shared on the notification panel in the application with the new system, which prevents users from looking for the problem themselves in adverse situations. In the event of a problem such as in recent days, users will be notified of the existence of a technical problem.

Instagram Is Testing A New Feature Against Crashes 1

This property, which is registered as a promising development, will not show itself in every problem. Because Instagram is intended to send notifications for major problems. The shared blog post said:

We do not send a notification every time there is a malfunction. But we plan to intervene as soon as we realize that people are confused and looking for an answer.

Instagram Is Testing A New Feature Against Crashes 2

I’m trying the feature now in the US, Instagram wants to take strong steps forward. The platform will bring development to more people when everything is ready. The company, which has conducted some experiments for the time being, has no intention of withdrawing the innovation.

The collapse of all services, especially Facebook, caused major damage to the platforms. The misery, in which Mark Zuckerberg lost about $7 billion alone, caused the share value of his companies to plummet. Applications that were thought to have been removed for a while have returned and started showing up again. Let’s see if the number of such cases will increase in the future. We will wait.

What do you think of the innovation of? Instagram? Would this feature, which you no longer need to request information from Twitter, be useful? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us.

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