Instagram Opens Hiding Number Of Likes To Everyone

Instagram opens the function to hide the number of likes from everyone. Instagram and Facebook users are finally starting to take advantage of the ‘like count’ hide feature that has been tested for a while. Both platforms leave the activation of the respective experience up to the user’s request. In other words, users who want to can hide their like numbers. Those who don’t want to change the situation can continue to use both platforms without activating this feature.

In Instagram, this function has been tested for years in accordance with the requests of experts. This was stated in a study conducted in the UK in 2017 Instagram was the most damaging platform for youth mental health. Experts, who suggested removing the like button or hiding the number of likes, stated that the social anxiety experienced by some Facebook and Instagram users can be reduced to a certain extent.

The statement of Instagram on the topic contains the following statements: “We tested whether hiding the number of likes will reduce the pressure on people. Reviews from people and experts have shown that this is beneficial for some and annoying for others. Some people, in particular, use their similar numbers to keep up with what’s trending or popular. That’s why we left the preference to the users. “

When users turn off the option to see the number of likes and views of others’ posts, they will also be asked if they want to apply the same action to their posts. Instagram users can also hide the number of likes for each stock. This gives users a little more flexibility. Specific sharing settings will become available on Facebook in the coming weeks.

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