Instagram Wants To Put NFTs Very Soon

Instagram: The Internet world is changing more and more every day, and there are not a few who find in the World Wide Web a new business from which to get a slice. Cryptocurrencies were until now an ‘affordable’ investment for those who invested in these cybercurrencies, but now something has to be done with them to move them and grow more economically. For that, many turn to crypto art and this is a site that Meta wants to get into through the NFTs that will arrive on Instagram.

Instagram will have a space for NFTs

For many, cyber language still catches them somewhat off guard. It is normal, there are many terms that are used to name things that you could have in your hand but that are actually data that circulates on the Internet. One of those terms is NFT or Non-Fungible Token if we translate it into Spanish. These data are digital goods purchased with cryptocurrencies, which have become very fashionable and with which many are withdrawing virtual money.

It is not surprising that the large companies that operate on the network want not only to have weight in these areas, but also for users to approach them and thus become trusted portals to see and acquire these objects. In fact, this is where Meta wants to make a bet by putting NFTs on Instagram. And not just any one, since Digital Trends points out that Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, has said that he wants to “bring NFT to Instagram in the short term.”

More companies that want to join the NFTs

It is true that the Menlo Park company has many plans in mind, but it seems that putting NFTs on Instagram is one that it wants to fulfill very soon. It is not the first time that we have heard these plans from the firm, which is a pioneer in cyberspace beyond social networks.

We will have to wait to know more details of the project, but not before remembering that there are other companies that are hot on its heels. And it is that in Google they have not remained idly, since one of the purposes for this year is to include NFTs within the video platform itself. These do not have a clear end date, but it will all be a matter of seeing how the two companies progress to convince users.

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