Instagram Will Say ‘Drop That Phone’ To Users Who Can’t Leave The Screen

Instagram: Nick Clegg, one of Facebook’s top executives, has announced that new features are being developed for Instagram. According to the statements made Instagram will warn users to “take a break” in the near future. So the user who spends hours on Instagram will be aware of this.
One of Facebook’s subsidiaries, Instagram, which has been at the center of several discussions, especially about young people, announced that it is working on a new feature for users. Statements from the company’s senior executives stated that a “take a break” warning will be issued to users who spend hours on the phone. Instagram with this feature, which has been developed and will be tested in the near future.

The statements by Nick Clegg, Facebook’s senior manager responsible for global relations, said they would try to raise awareness among users thanks to the break warning. According to the company, a person who spends hours with Instagram will leave Instagram for a while when they see the pause warning. It is not known whether the feature will work, but it certainly will be promising. Because the average time spent on social media is increasing day by day.

Users are redirected to other content

The pause warning isn’t the only feature developed by Instagram. The company continues to work on a new way to display different content of these posts by detecting the posts that users are constantly looking at. This feature prevents the same messages from being viewed repeatedly.

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