Instagram Will Tell You When You Have To Take A Break From The App Itself

Instagram: In Meta, they know they have applications that users spend a lot of time in. Both Facebook and Instagram are two of the pillars, in the same way as with WhatsApp. Although the latter is one of the most used, it doesn’t have as much retention as the previous one and therefore, so that you don’t stay too much in front of the screen, Instagram will tell you when to take a break from the app itself.

Taking a break on Instagram

Every smartphone user knows that he has a very important tool in his hands to develop her daily life. Make purchases on the internet, move from one place to another and share, why not, the strange photo or video of what is being done during the day. But sometimes you can keep scrolling the screen for a long time and put your chores aside.

That’s why it’s important to be focused on what you need to do and have features at your disposal that even block apps. In case of Instagram, you have a feature called Activity that tells you how much time you spend in the app in a day and allows you to set a usage limit that reminds you as a notification. But in Menlo Park they have a different idea.

This is done by using a new feature called ‘Take a break’. Depending on what 9to5Mac has in its lines, when it exceeds 10, 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the configuration, the function jumps and invites the user to perform an activity outside the screen of their mobile. In fact, not only will the message jump, it will also suggest you do other activities, such as taking a break and relaxing with some music or writing something on your mind.

The truth is, if Activities’ previous feature wasn’t enough, it could potentially be a little more efficient. We will see how the community reacts to the arrival of this feature which has no arrival date for the official version for now.

Some suggest it will be in December and for now iOS users are the first to receive this feature. For the rest of the users of an Android terminal, they will most likely have to wait, but that already depends on the decisions of the company itself.

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