Insulate Britain protesters to be tackled by new Government powers

Senior Tories will focus on law and order issues following the freeway protests and the brutal murder of Sarah Everard.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab will use his conference speech in Manchester to announce a significant increase in the number of offenders with supporters, while Home Secretary Priti Patel will provide further details on Insulate Britain’s new anti-protester powers.

Ms. Patel will also use her Conservative Party conference address to announce an expansion of the investigation into drug suspects upon arrest by £ 15 million, which could result in treatment for her addiction.

Mr Raab – who was demoted to Justice Minister in September’s reshuffle – will say in his speech that ankle tags are being placed on more than 25,000 criminals as part of a £ 183 million plan to expand the use of electronic surveillance to curb crime.

These will include 10,000 productive thieves, burglars and robbers, who will be equipped with GPS tags when they come out of prison, and around 3,500 high-risk domestic molesters whose whereabouts will also be monitored in this way.

More than 12,000 offenders will be required to wear sobriety tags to monitor their alcohol consumption.

The funding will increase the number of people marked at the same time from around 13,500 this year to around 25,000 by 2025.

Mr. Raab will also put in place a £ 90million plan to increase community work by criminals to around eight million hours per year, which will hire an additional 500 unpaid supervisors and focus on cleaning up streets and other open spaces.

The Justice Minister is expected to say, “With this surge in high-tech GPS tagging, we are becoming a world leader in the use of technology to fight crime and protect victims. From tackling alcohol-fueled violence and break-ins to protecting victims of domestic violence, we’re developing tags to make our streets and communities safer. “

The GPS tagging project started in April and expanded to half of England and Wales last week.

The pilot could be rolled out nationwide if it proves successful in reducing crime and helping police catch offenders.

Criminals in England who commit alcohol-related crimes may be required to wear anklets that monitor their sweat for alcohol every 30 minutes.

They have been ordered for more than 1,500 offenders serving community sentences since their inception a year ago.

Mr. Raab is also expected to use his conference speech to reiterate that his “top priority” is the protection of women and girls and to outline his vision for human rights law reform.

Following the murder of Ms. Everard by police officer Wayne Couzens and the death of Sabina Nessa, he is expected to “change” the judiciary’s handling of violence against women and make the streets safer so that “women can go home at night, without having to look over the shoulder ”.

Following the recent death of Sabina Nessa in south-east London, Justice Minister Dominic Raab is scheduled to promise the Conservative Party conference in Manchester to make the streets safer so that "women can go home at night without looking".  over her shoulder "

In the meantime, the Home Secretary will say that those who target women and girls will feel “the full force of the law” on them.

She should say: “Such unscrupulous crimes and acts of violence against women and girls have no place in our society. And that’s why I’ve redoubled my efforts to make women and girls feel safer. “

She will confirm plans for tougher powers against Insulate Britain and Extinction Rebellion.

Ms. Patel is preparing to announce an increase in the maximum penalties for disrupting a motorway while criminalizing interference in main roads, railways and the press.

The Home Office will also give new powers to the police and courts to deal with the “small minority of offenders” who “intend” to travel across the country to “cause disruption and misery in our communities.”

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