Intel develops GPU to rival RTX 3070

It was an exciting development to bring Intel’s video card to the market for gamers. Company official Raja Koduri shared a photo of the testing lab. Koduri’s statement indicates that the card in the image is Intel DG2. Hence, the information about the graphics card increases.

On the other hand, the first information emerged about the release date of the graphics unit. The card will be released sooner than expected.

Intel’s high-end gaming GPU in test phase

The US technology giant plans to release its high-end and game-oriented graphics card in 2021. It is difficult to predict whether the card, which will be photographed in the development and testing phase, will make it or not.

If we look at the shared picture for Intel DG2 gaming GPU; We see that the device has passed the test on 3DMark. In addition, there is also a prototype of the card in the frame. The most obvious sign that this card is DG2, however, was Koduri’s statement.

Koduri wrote with the photo that the card they developed was 20 times faster compared to the GPUs in 2012. Therefore, the graphics unit in the visual is believed to be game-oriented as well. In addition, according to the leaks, this card will rival the RTX 3070.

On the other hand, other details about the DG2 have been revealed, according to VideoCardz, which is known for its graphics card reviews. According to this information; Intel’s new graphics unit will also include ray tracing (RTX) technology.

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