Intel Has Plans For A US$94 Billion Factory In Europe

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke again about the company’s project to build a new semiconductor factory in Europe. The idea is that the site will become “the most advanced in the world” in terms of industrial technologies and will cost about $94 billion.

According to Gelsinger, the plan could take up to ten years to get off the ground, but expectations are high that the first models will leave the site as early as the middle of this decade, when it is partially operational. The factory could generate 10,000 jobs and a major expansion of Intel in the dispute with other brands in the field – in particular Taiwanese TSMC, the current leader in chip supply.

In addition to expanding its semiconductor offerings in quantity, the plant should house the company’s first production lines of 20 Angstrom transistors, in a component called Intel 20A. The strategy in question was disclosed as part of the brand’s next plans.

Very calm at the moment

Due to the still-distant release, the factory would not be able to make up for the current shortage of chips in the industry, but Intel plans to take over the reins of the segment in the near future. The CEO has already confirmed the architectural transition from the current 10 nanometer (nm) to 4 nm and 3 nm production lines. The manufacturer is still looking to expand its business in the automotive sector, one of the most popular in the chip segment – and one of the most affected by the current crisis.

For now, Intel continues to hold talks with leaders from several European Union countries, including Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland. However, the plant’s construction site has not yet been defined, as the negotiations involve a series of measures and guarantees. The land must, in addition to the land, offer the possibility of high water and electricity consumption.

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