Intel Works On Its First Exclusively Mining Chips

Intel: Maybe if you talk to someone who wants to mine cryptocurrencies, they will tell you that what you need is a very powerful computer and more than one graphics card. The rest of the components do not matter so much for the work they are going to do, but it is true that a powerful processor solves many things. but now Intel is working on a chip designed for crypto mining.

Intel’s Next Chip Will Go For Crypto Mining

The world of hardware has changed radically with the presence of cryptocurrencies. There are not a few who took advantage of the boom at the time to create their cryptocurrency mining computer. Power is a key section and requires a powerful chip and unparalleled data processing speed. That is why many paid more interest in graphics cards, whose companies took advantage of the growing demand to raise prices.

but Intel may hold the key to relieving such huge demand pressure on the market. The hardware manufacturer is one of the most important when it comes to choosing a processor for the PC and with its new architecture on the market you can find i9 chips within its most important offer.

But in this case, those looking for ways to mine faster are welcome news. And the proposal is something more than juicy, rather ambitious, since it promises “to have a performance per watt 1000 times better than conventional GPUs for mining based”.

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