Home Tech Interesting sales forecast for iPhone 12 models!

Interesting sales forecast for iPhone 12 models!

Interesting sales forecast for iPhone 12 models!

With days left before the launch of the iPhone 12, there is still some evidence and analysis on the models. The iPhone 12 series, which is expected to consist of four models, will be introduced on Tuesday. However, it turns out that analysts are already wondering which model will deliver the most sales. But which of the iPhone 12 models will generate the most sales?

Which iPhone 12 model gets the highest sales percentage?

While these shared insights are estimates, it’s worth remembering that Ming-Chi Kuo, one of Apple’s most trusted analysts, made the prediction. In his analysis, Kuo calculated how much of a share the four iPhone models will receive in iPhone 12 sales.

Kuo does not think the iPhone 12 Mini series will be the best-selling model, contrary to what most people think. The analyst believes that despite the low price, this model will not be in demand due to the small screen size.

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According to the analyst, the iPhone 12 will be the highest sales figure of the iPhone 12 models. The model, which will be much cheaper than the prices of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, will also have a good 6.1-inch screen size. Again, the iPhone 12 Pro is expected to come with the same screen size.

In terms of sales shares, Ming-Chi Kuo estimated a high shipping share of 20 percent for other iPhone 12 models and 40 percent for the iPhone 12. As you know, smartphone companies bring the most demanding models to the market. The analyst also believes that 5G technology will not affect iPhone 12 sales.

According to Kuo, the estimate of 80 million shipments for the sale of the previously released iPhone 12 models is not realistic. The analyst thinks sales of iPhone 12 models will lag last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Guess what model iPhone 12 will sell more? We await your comments.



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