Into the Night Is an Upcoming Netflix Series About the Sun's Final Revenge

It is not a subtle starting point.

It is not a subtle starting point.
Statue: Netflix

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As Charles Montgomery Burns once explained, the sun is the greatest enemy of modern humans. Giver of warmth but tyrant of time and frankly a real pain for people who want to run energy companies. All that free light! Please. But finally, the sun will take revenge on the dashing rage of humanity. That is revenge During the night.

An upcoming Netflix series coming from Belgium, During the night is the story of a world in which the sun becomes super deadly for some reason. The short teaser, recently released by Netflix, does not fill in all the details. But a big solar event is happening and the sun has gone from “warm” to “hot” to “oh god oh god, I’m dying”.

This one means, for survive, there is only one option: walk past the sunrise. What such a ridiculous premise is that I am absolutely 100% on board. Inspired by (but definitely not based on) a novel by the Polish author Jacek Dukaj, it is the story of people in an airplane trying to brave the calamity and show the sun exactly where it can stick.

Written and made by Narcos producer Jason George, During the night coming on Netflix sometime this year.

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