iOS 15.0.1 released! Fixed critical iPhone 13 error

Apple it came out iOS 15.0.1 and iPad 15.0.1 updates. Fixed an important issue experienced by iPhone 13 users.

The first official version update of the iOS 15 operating system, released on September 20, is iOS 15.0.1. This update does not bring any new features to iPhones. Specifically, it fixes a critical issue experienced by iPhone 13 users and includes “various bug fixes.”

On the one hand, the company continues to work on the iOS 15.1 software. This version, which is currently in testing, will be the first comprehensive update of iOS 15. According to users who have downloaded the beta, the SharePlay feature, which Apple has delayed, is expected to open with iOS 15.1.

Fixed ‘unlock’ issue with iOS 15.0.1 update

Some iPhone 13 owners have reported that after upgrading to the iOS 15 operating system, they were unable to unlock their devices with the Apple Watch. They stated that they mainly experienced this problem when wearing masks. In the error message that users received describing the issue with screenshots, a warning in the form of “Could not communicate with Apple Watch” appeared.

In addition, Apple announced that it would fix the error. That expected solution came with iOS 15.0.1.

In the Apple release notes, “iOS 15.0.1 contains bug fixes for your iPhone, including an issue where some users are unable to unlock their iPhone 13 model using Apple Watch.” He shared his knowledge and explained that he had solved the problem. In addition, the “storage is almost full” error in the Settings app has been fixed with the iOS 15.0.1 update.

Released on iPadOS 15.0.1

Apple has the 15.0.1 update for iPad 15, the new operating system for iPads. While it was announced that similar bugs have been fixed for this version, no additional details were provided. For both iPhone and iPad, you can install iOS & iPadOS 15.0.1 by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

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