iOS 15: All About The New Version of The iPhone OS

iOS 15: Apple presented this Monday (7) the iOS 15, the new version of the iPhone’s mobile operating system. The platform was presented at the opening conference of WWDC 2021, which was held completely digitally and free of charge this year.

According to the company, the focus of the new version is to keep you connected at all times, in addition to exploring the world around you and taking advantage of the intelligence of different devices.

The FaceTime video calling service has received several new features, from audio enhancements to the ability to talk to people who don’t have an iOS device.

Notifications have been reformulated and it is even possible to create specific profiles to separate leisure and work moments. The platform also has several productivity and search features, as well as new features in the Wallet and Maps apps.

FaceTime News

FaceTime video calls will be more natural with the Spatial Audio feature, making conversations seem more dynamic, with the voice coming from where they are. In addition, it will be possible to activate voice isolation, so that the microphone removes ambient noise via machine learning.

In terms of video, the “Grid View” shows everyone in the conversation in icons of the same size. The “Portrait Mode” blurs the background and puts the full focus on the person on the phone. You can even schedule calls and share the address with everyone in the meeting — and even Android and Windows users can join through the browser.

You can even share your screen, show other participants what you’re listening to or playing, send content to other screens and devices while keeping everyone in sync.


The SMS application also received news: the sharing of multimedia content has become more complete and you can even save links sent in conversations in the news application and check them whenever you want.

Your photo collection can be automatically expanded with images sent by other people, if they were taken at the same time. The app even separates memes and screenshots so that not all files get mixed up.

Focus and productivity

Apple is also concerned about keeping you productive at work or making the most of a family day out. These new features start with a new notifications menu. They now have images to separate each app.

In addition, you also receive an overview of notifications, based on preset interests of the user and you even mute all alerts with a “Do not disturb” mode.

From “Focus” you can select profiles based on the time of day, such as work or weekend, to organize apps, widgets and notifications and show only what is important at that time of day – no social networks and production time games, for example.

More features in photos

The iOS 15 camera now recognizes text in photos and converts that image into letters and numbers. This applies to posters, blackboards and signs, for example – something very similar to what Google Lens does on Android. Portuguese is one of the first languages ​​to be supported by the novelty.

In conjunction with Apple Music, iOS 15 you can link photos and videos from your library to music from the streaming service to automatically create a scene with a suggested soundtrack. This function is called Memory Mixes.

Shipping and Payments

If you’re thinking of “retiring” your wallet, iOS 15 provides faster ways to unlock access through the Wallet app. New is the digital version of the access card for hotels, companies and even your own home, using approximation technologies. In addition, the ID card is now supported in the virtual wallet – a mechanism that currently only applies to the United States.

The Weather app now has more realistic animations of natural phenomena, with high-resolution maps showing the regions’ temperature and air quality.

Apple Maps has undergone several improvements, including an interactive globe, more detail for districts and office buildings, and elevation signs.

Even a night mode and new road information have been devised to improve traffic navigation, including the distinction between lanes and cycle paths. However, this update is not expected to arrive in Brazil in 2021.

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