iOS 15: The Future Of iPhones!

iOS 15 functions appeared. We have looked at some of the features of the iOS 15 operating system, which Apple will introduce on June 7, shortly before launch.

The iOS 15 operating system, which Apple will introduce on June 7, appeared shortly before launch with some features.

There are only a few days left for the iOS 15 update, which Apple users are eagerly looking forward to. With the WWDC 2021 event, to be held on June 7, the US manufacturer will officially launch the new operating system.

Some features included with iOS 15 have been announced

WWDC 2021, which will take place in the coming days, will take place for the second time in the virtual environment as part of the coronavirus measures. As expected, the company will be making software-focused announcements at this event. On the one hand, while you have the iOS 15 system for iPhones on the other hand; We will see some new updates such as iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Undoubtedly the most curious version of WWDC is the iOS 15 system. Powering the company’s most popular smartphone, this operating system is still a matter of curiosity, as always. To date, there has not been much descriptive information about the update. Shortly before the event, however, Connor Jewiss, one of the well-known tech agents, shared a few innovations about this upcoming update.

According to Jewiss, iOS 15; It brings innovations like dark mode regulations, tweaks to the Messages app, and food tracking for health apps. However, the update will also undergo some design changes, especially on the lock screen and notification side. However, no images of the new features were provided.

Apple will also develop iMessege with its new update. Unfortunately, there is no complete information on this topic. However, sources state that iMessage will rival WhatsApp and other third-party platforms.

The latest innovation is about privacy. Currently Apple is working on app monitoring in iOS 14.5, Apple will make it more comprehensive in the next version. Users can now easily monitor application behavior. In this way, the privacy control lies entirely with the user.

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