iPhone 13 News From Apple To Relieve Users

iPhone 13 news. Many suppliers, including TSMC, have started production of the iPhone 13 series.

As September approaches, leaks about Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 13 series have started to arrive. On the one hand, new information about the phone’s design and performance is emerging, on the other hand, production problems due to the pandemic are still being experienced.

By introducing new phones every September, Apple delayed the introduction of the iPhone 12 series last year. The company, which made such a decision because of the production problems, made the presentation in October so as not to keep users waiting long. This situation is reminiscent of “Will there be a postponement this year too?” brings the question. But the latest news shows that fans need not worry.

iPhone 13 coming in September!

According to the reports, many suppliers including TSMC have started production of the iPhone 13 series. These reports suggest that Apple will introduce its new phones within the scheduled time this year, despite the ongoing pandemic and chip shortages.

Another piece of information is from Samsung and LG who are responsible for the display of the phone. These two companies, which are responsible for the production of AMOLED panels for the iPhone 13 series, according to the information received, the production of the screens has started. This news bolsters claims that the phone will be introduced to the game in September.

The company, which does not want to disappoint users in terms of stock, will get 50 million screens from LG and 70-80 million from Samsung. Not wanting to have any problems with the delivery, the company recently announced that it is doing its best to ensure the safety of the components needed for production and avoid another delay.

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