iPhone 13 Pro: How to pre-order from Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, EE, O2 and Three

The iPhone 13 was announced by Apple and should be released later this month.

The latest phone was revealed by Tim Cook and his team on a livestream to millions of people last night (September 14th).

Some features announced by Apple include a 120Hz screen, larger storage capacity, and a bigger and better camera on all new devices.

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Pre-orders will soon be available from all major cellular carriers including Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile, and O2, and we’ve listed some of the options below.

Pre-orders open on Friday, but there are ways to register your interest in advance.

Here are all the options.


Vodafone pre-orders open on Friday like other carriers, but people can register your interest right away.

The provider is expected to allow people to open their pre-orders with previous customers with iPhones so they can trade in their old phones for the latest iPhone 13.


O2 pre-orders will also open at 1pm on Friday – the same time as other UK airlines.

In contrast to Vodafone, O2 already has pictures of the new phone including the storage options that you can select so that you can immediately decide which phone you want.

O2 customers can register for updates when you can pre-order the device.

Car phone warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has not yet announced when pre-orders will be allowed, but customers can register on their website to see when pre-orders will open.

Customers can register their interest about buying the phone or choosing a contract on its website.


EE, like other UK providers, will open pre-orders for the iPhone 13 at 1pm on Friday.

Customers already at EE can register their interest on their website. You can apply for interest on both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.


Three pre-orders open at 1pm on Friday, but customers can register their interest on the website.

Three allows people to “get one first” on their website where they can register interest in the device before everyone else.

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